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Welcome to Challenge Coins US dot com. What drives numismatists?
People in all walks of life find coin collecting a fun intriguing hobby.
While coin collecting used to be limited to only monetary coins, the emergence of challenge coins
has changed the face of coin collecting. Challenge coins are normally made of
brass, copper or zinc alloy and are then coated with a particular metal finish.
What metal is used as the base metal of your coin depends on whether the coin is die struck or die cast.
These "challenge" coins are made bearing your unique logo or idea.
It's a great feeling to see your custom coin design come to life.

What makes a great challenge coin?

That's a pretty broad question. It depends on what you like, what your budget allows for and who you're working
with. The coin company you choose can make the difference. You may have thought you were getting a die struck
coin but in reality could receive a die cast coin. Die struck or die cast may be decided by the coin design. Zinc alloy
coins are lighter than their brass and copper brethren.

The design of your coin is critical to the way the finished product looks. The experience of the designers working
on your coin design can impact the finished product. However, even the best designer can't save a bad coin design.
Sometimes we need to be saved from ourselves; a coin design is no exception.

Additional features such as a diamond cut edge, reeded edge or rope edge can enhance a design.
Epoxy enhances the overall look of a coin. This clear coat makes every aspect of a coin design jump out at you.
I highly recommend this option when doing your own coin.

Metal finish

The metal finish you choose can have a drastic impact on the coin design; especially if a lot of colors are involved.
Just to clarify, when I say color, I mean paint colors. Pantone solid colors are painted on Challenge Coins.
Gradients (the transition from one color to another) cannot be painted on a custom coin. Photographic
printing would be the option to go with if a gradient, exact logo or exact photo is required on your
custom coin.

So as you can see there are as many options in custom coin creation as there are weeks in the year.
My best suggestion is to work with an experienced, knowledgable company. Be open to their input or creative suggestions.
After all, that's what they do for a living and have probably designed several hundred coins.

Minimum bs and no frills. Just hardcore custom challenge coin design.

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